Local woman tops division in Canada’s Toughest Race


BARRY’S BAY – The thought of dirt bikes conjures up images of mud, racing, and of course, males.

But Cynthia Wolfgram-Recoskie of Barry’s Bay is breaking that mould and has just returned from placing in the Corduroy Enduro, dubbed Canada’s Toughest Race.

Wolfgram-Recoskie, 30, spent her younger years in different communities including Kitchener, Thunder Bay and Barry’s Bay. She started riding bikes after being introduced to them at a young age by her cousin.

She got a job working in the forestry industry after attending Lakehead University. But she ended up switching careers because she did not like living life on the road.

“I wanted to have a family,” she said.

She went back to school to become a teacher. She is currently a supply teacher all over Renfrew County.

“I love kids and nature,” she explained.

When Wolfgram-Recoskie decided to purchase her Kawasaki dirt bike, it was simply a means to save some money.

“The whole reason I got one was to save on gas,” she admitted. “But it opened up a whole new world for me.”

It was just two years ago that she began learning more intensely about her bike. This meant learning how to go over obstacles like logs, and through deep water and sand.

“Anyone can ride a flat trail,” she smiled.

When she heard about the Corduroy Enduro, a dirt-bike riding competition held in Gooderham, Ontario, she was intrigued.

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