Local sledder pulls ahead in semi-pro, pro classes

BARRY’S BAY – All told, it’s been a very good year for local snowmobiler Curtis Weatherdon.

Weatherdon has been racing snowmobiles for some time, most recently with Circuit Pro Tours. Recently, he placed second overall in the semi-pro class and fourth overall in the pro class at the Grand Prix Dejardins de Roberval in Roberval, Quebec, held on March 7 and 8.

“They let me run semi-pro because I’ve won twice, but they’ve pushed me up to pro for next year,” commented Weatherdon.

Since 2002, Weatherdon has been racing on sleds, but he started out dirt biking before making the jump, which was a natural fit for the racer.

For Weatherdon, the appeal is simple:

“There’s the speed rush of it, and also the preparation,” he explained. “There’s a lot of work that goes into prep.”

Leading up to and during racing events, sledders and their teams will fine tune and optimize each machine for maximum performance, ensuring they can get the speed and control they need on the course.

“It’s a whole set-up game, basically,” continued Weatherdon.

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