Local merchant cheers on the Red Sox

BARRY’S BAY – Local merchant Ted Williamson of V&S Stedmans Department Store in Barry’s Bay has many items on display in the store windows. But the most interesting right now is his tribute to the baseball team, the Boston Red Sox. But why not the Blue Jays, you ask? Ted’s father was quite the Red Sox fan, so Ted just followed in his footsteps. “This was the time before Toronto had a major league franchise, so there was no major baseball in Toronto. It was all American teams,” shared Ted. In 1977, major league baseball came to Toronto. But after so many years as a Sox fan, Ted felt that he couldn’t just say, “Well, forget them now. So I’ve always cheered for the Red Sox. I do cheer for the Blue Jays, too.” To read the full story, pick up a copy of the October 31, 2018 Valley Gazette.