Local library welcomes unique donation


BARRY’S BAY – A newlywed couple from Brampton loves books so much, they asked for donations to the Madawaska Valley Public Library instead of wedding presents.

Stephen and Loretta (nee Sullivan) Greening were married on February 15, 2014 in Thornhill, Ontario. The wedding theme was books and because Stephen was a teacher, they held their wedding reception in a schoolhouse.

Rather than the typical blenders, toasters and other wedding presents, the couple asked their 45 guests to make a donation instead.

“Steven and I are avid readers,” Loretta said. “Instead of gifts, we asked our quests to support our enjoyment of reading by making a donation to the library.”

Loretta grew up in Palmer Rapids to parents Mack and Isabella Sullivan. Although she left the area when she was around 17 years old, she maintained a close connection to the area.

Every summer, Loretta visits her cottage on the Madawaska River – something she and her new husband look forward to every year. 

“I’ve certainly done a lot of reading in the Madawaska Valley,” she said.

It is not the first donation she has made to the local library. In fact, when her father passed away in 2001, the family bequeathed money to the library on his behalf as well.

After the money was tallied, it was forwarded to the local library with the request that the money be used for large print books and for children’s literacy.

“Just to address the age span,” Loretta said. “There certainly are a lot of seniors in the area and we think its good to encourage younger children to read.”

Librarian Karen Filipkowski could not be happier with the recent donation.

Although the Greenings do not want to mention just how much was donated, Filipkowski said $1,000 will go towards the purchase of large print books with the remainder to go towards children’s programming and materials.

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