Local entrepreneur to open marijuana store in Barry’s Bay

BARRY’S BAY – The impact of recent marijuana legislation will make itself apparent, if all goes as planned, in July, when entrepreneur, Mike Klobouk, will open BayBud Cannabis, at 48 Bay Street in Barry’s Bay.

So far, Klobouk’s experience in trying to establish his business has been overwhelming positive: “I have received only congratulations and well wishes from people in the community and an enthusiastic welcome from several nearby residents.”  

He has found his interactions with the various levels of government positive too: “In getting this business off the ground I have dealt not only with officials from Madawaska Valley Township, but also Renfrew County, and the MTO. In all cases, the people I dealt with acted professionally and were efficient, helpful, and kind, in the way any resident would hope to be treated by their local government.”

Klobouk sees his new business as providing several benefits to the community, in terms of the tax revenue it will bring, the jobs it will create and work that is going to local tradesmen right now: “I am employing local trades people for the building renovations as well as local businesses for advertising, signage, and website development. They are all enthusiastic about the opportunity, and as you will see when it’s rolled out, these local businesses are doing a top-notch job.”

He also said that it’s better to have “a safe alternative to purchasing cannabis on the street.” He said that his store will have safe products and will be a place where customers can get information and educational material about cannabis.”

When asked why he thought the should open a store like this in this area, he said that “Barry’s Bay deserves to have all the goods and services one finds in the city and I believe that BayBud Cannabis will be welcomed by most residents and tourists alike… I expect that eventually, there will be a cannabis shop in every community where you now see a LCBO or Beer Store. There is a demand for cannabis and having convenient, local access to safe, tested products is a benefit to those who choose to consume it.”

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