Local cyclist Lynne Yantha gets her wheels turning in support of cancer research

Staff Reporter

Combermere- While many people used the time of lockdown to grumble on their couches, one resident got her wheels turning and made the situation into a time of gratitude and increased physical activity.

Lynne Yantha enjoys many physical activities, but cycling tops the list. She has turned this passion into an opportunity to raise funds for cancer research and is participating in an initiative along with riders from across the country. The project is called the Great Cycle Challenge (GCC).

According to Yantha, “In five years the GCC community of riders from all 13 provinces and territories have ridden a total of 12,580,838 kilometres, and together have raised $21,612,147 in support of research to develop treatments and find a cure for childhood cancer, which is the largest killer of children from disease in Canada. Over 1,400 Canadian children are diagnosed with cancer every year.

In reflecting on how she became involved in the effort, Yantha said, “For me, there are a few key events that have inspired me to find ways to share the good things that come from being physically active.”

COVID came first on her list of items that inspired her to move in the direction of this project. She said, “I see being physically active as playing a key role in over-all health – physical AND mental. COVID has amplified everyone’s need to find ways to feel better, and ways to cope with the profound changes that the pandemic has brought to our world. We are very fortunate, in our rural area, to be able to enjoy outdoor activities in a beautiful, natural setting – cross-county skiing, cycling, hiking, swimming, tennis. These are key activities for me, a gateway to distraction, health, and joy, and distanced camaraderie.”

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