Literature comes alive at Killaloe Station Park

KILLALOE – Literature and community engagement is important in Killaloe.

In fact, literature and community engagement are so important, the town of Killaloe now has a Book Tree. On June 13, the official launching of the Book Tree took place with a ceremonial ribbon cutting at Station Park.

Killaloe is one of the first communities across Canada to receive a Book Tree and Mayor Janice Visneskie recently announced they are extremely proud and excited.

The Book Tree…is well, a book tree. It holds an array of books, like a shelf but instead is a tree with square holes, which hold books. So, people can donate, borrow and exchange books as they please. And it’s a free service. The motto is, ‘Take a book, Share a book, or Leave a book.’

When people are finished with a book, they are free to return it to the book tree or to share it with a friend or family member. However, you don’t need to leave a book, to take a book.

To date, Renfrew County has acquired four book trees. There are trees in Arnprior, Pembroke, Petawawa and now, Killaloe. The local projects were inspired by similar projects in Berlin, Germany. This is where the first Book Tree was created.

Story continues in the June 19, 2013 issue of The Valley Gazette.