Lions and OPP host annual school broomball tournament

KILLALOE – Enthusiastic young broomball players converged at the Killaloe rink on February 2. Students from the eight participating schools seemed glad of the fresh air and exercise at the 41st annual OPP Bill Flegg Memorial School Broomball Tournament.

The teams were evenly matched and the day ended with overtime play. St. Andrews beat out St. John Bosco’s Team One, 3-2, to win the A finals. Sam Klawitter scored the winning goal, delighting his teammates and earning him the title of MVP.

The B finals also went into overtime but eventually St. John Bosco’s Team Two scored on St. Michael’s, making the final score 1-0. The title of MVP went to Jack Shulist of St. John Bosco.

George Vanier narrowly beat Killaloe Public School in the C finals, 1-0, and Tyrell Hicks of George Vanier was crowned MVP.

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