Life is a circle


BARRY’S BAY – “All my life’s a circle.” Remember that song by Harry Chapin? Why is it so appealing? Perhaps because it rings true in so many lives.

Local retiree Merita Recoskie Etmanskie can certainly attest to that.

The Valley Gazette interviewed Etmanskie in the fall, and learned that Etmanskie’s circular journey began in Barry’s Bay many years ago. Educated in her home town, she went on to college in Pembroke where she graduated with a degree from the Lorrain School of Nursing.

In a career that spanned several decades, Etmanskie held many positions in the health care field, including stints as a nursing educator as well as a nursing department administrator. She was also a nursing director in two Ontario hospitals as well as president of the Registered Nurses Association, Grenville Chapter in Ontario, among other achievements.

“I was always extremely loyal to my profession and I guess it showed. I got the Loyalty Bar when I graduated,”
recalled Etmanskie.

Never one to rest on her laurels, Etmanskie continued to educate herself over the years while being a wife, mother to a small daughter, and a full-time nursing professional.

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