Let’s help Barry’s Bay man raise money for bladder cancer

BARRY’S BAY – Peter Glofcheskie has spent years raising money for cancer research. With his wife, Bev, Peter has organised the local Terry Fox run for many years. Peter has always used his body for feats of endurance too – running in marathons and participating in triathlons.

Little did he know what all this was actually preparing him for when he was diagnosed with bladder cancer just over a year ago.

For as hard as it has been, he has decided to channel his efforts into something positive: raising money to support an organization that has been so helpful to him, Bladder Cancer Canada (BCC).

“It was a godsend,” Peter said of the organization. Being able to talk to other bladder cancer sufferers on the online forums hosted on their website made all the difference in the world to him.

He added that there are other resources on the site too, including webinars hosted by medical experts. He has said that the site has enabled him to ask the right questions to his urologist, “to be his own advocate.”

Part of the hardship he has faced has consisted in the fact that he does not have a family doctor – something that many in our area can relate to. The need to find good, trustworthy information to help guide his decisions, his expectations and his hopes has made a difference. He wants to help others who will find themselves in his position some day.

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