Lessons parents can teach their kids from reflecting on 100 years of living


Barry’s Bay – Marvel Comic book writer Stan Lee and television actor Sid Caesar were both born in 1922, as was Yvonne De Carlo, famed for her role as the matriarch of CBS’ Munster family. However, before any of these celebrities made it into the world, another very well-known person had already arrived.

Born June 30th, 1922 to Matilda and Antoine Good, Kathleen (Good) Pecoskie arrived alongside her twin sister Mary. The two were born in Stirling, Ontario, to parents who had immigrated to Canada from Switzerland. Kathleen (Kay) Pecoskie might not ever have appeared on Your Show of Shows, and she might not be as famous as Spiderman, but to many locals she is a familiar face. Whether they met her while she was cooking for the crew at Murray Bros. or while she was working as a secretary at Madawaska Valley High School, many people have crossed Pecoskie’s path, and on the occasion of her 100th birthday it would be good to learn a bit more about her. In learning about her, you might find some lessons worth sharing with your kids.

The interactions we have with most people in our community often take place a few minutes at a time. These minutes might not seem that important on their own, but 100 years is comprised of 52,560,000 minutes. When added together, those minutes make a lifetime. We can’t capture all of those minutes, but here are a few highlights.

Shortly after Kay and Mary were born, their family moved to Trenton where they lived on a farm that was part of a land grant program for new immigrants. The farm would not have electricity until the 1940s, so the next time your kids complain about having their screentime limited, you can tell them Kay Pecoskie did just fine without electricity and they can too.

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