Kim Love elected mayor of Madawaska Valley Township


BARRY’S BAY – It was almost a clean sweep in Madawaska Valley Township, as four out of five new faces were elected to council on October 27.

Dozens of people packed into the council chambers to watch the results trickle-in. Recreation and Community Development Coordinator Paul Nopper kept social media websites updated with election results after the polls closed at 8:00 p.m.

Kim Love showed a clear lead as the results from the first polls were revealed. She maintained her lead throughout the 10 polls, and came out on top with a total of 2,218 votes. Love beat out incumbent David Shulist, who received 1,311 votes.

Shortly after the winners were announced, a teary-eyed Love said she was humbled by the results.

“I am very excited,” Love said. “We have a lot of work to do.”

Her first priority is to include public participation at the council table and to allow for more opportunities for the public to speak to council.

Love thanked all of the voters who had confidence and trust in her. She also thanked all of the candidates who ran in the election.

Although she has been attending most council and committee meetings for many months, she still anticipates a learning curve.

“I am looking forward to go through the process and tour the facilities,” she explained.

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