Killaloe Pathways Park opens for fitness, art, and reading

Sarah Crookall
Staff Reporter

KILLALOE – A gravel path has been laid for Killaloe residents to jog, read a book, and take in some art all at the same time.

The Township of Killaloe, Hagarty, and Richards (KHR) opens its reading and low-impact fitness trails at Killaloe Pathways Park this month.

“There was such a huge need for community green space but it really surrounds itself around education and wellness,” says community development coordinator Chris Neff.

The two trails form two loops—one outside of the other on 18 acres of land.

The larger reading and art trail is 0.5-kilometres long and features 18 stations, or chapters, from a book selected by the Killaloe and District Library. Every so often, the library will change the book.

The inner fitness trail is 0.4-kilometres long and features 10 low-impact fitness stations. The fitness trail was designed to be suitable for walking, running,and hiking.

The Pathways Park came together through 13 community organizations and with a $30,000 healthy communities initiative federal grant.

“Just imagine a combination of hiking and reading,” says Neff. “And what you would do is there would be a book and every station would be a chapter of the book, and you would go along and there would be art and a little drawing and a little piece of the book and then you go on to the next one.”

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