Killaloe opening canteen at rink

KILLALOE – The council of Killaloe-Hagarty-Richards (KHR) met as scheduled on January 8.

Mayor Janice Visneskie began the meeting with an address to council.
“I want to thank all members of council for working so hard in the year 2012 to accomplish so much,” she stated. “We on council must often make tough decisions, but we must always make those tough decisions in the best interest of the whole township.”
Visneskie then thanked the taxpayers.
“It is you that we work for,” she said. “We work for the whole township, and our decision must reflect that.”
Visneskie then took a moment to remember Ernie Cybulskie, and to recognize all that he had done for the township, as well as the environment.
After acknowledging the new waste management strategic plan, Visneskie pointed out the three concerns of the public when the plan was being created.
The first was that it was affordable, the second that it was environmentally sound, and the third being “not in my back yard”.
“Council has made decisions to ensure that all three were addressed,” Visneskie stated.
Visneskie then thanked the public for their patience through the transition into the new system.
Rob Benkhe was present in order to discuss the use of the canteen at the rink in Killaloe.

Benkhe not only works at the rink but has also spent endless amounts of hours volunteering his time there.
He is also the managing director for Camp Mishewah, whose goal is to spead the word of the gospel and to bring joy to the lives of the children who attend.
The camp works with Family and Children’s Services, as well as several other groups who are working together in order to enrich the lives of children and young people.
He came to council to propose the use of the canteen area at the rink.
“I had asked about the canteen and was informed that no one has come forward yet to run it, and that council would like it to be used for community fundraising,” he explained.
Benkhe then stated that it is during the winter months that he fundraises for the camp in order to ensure that their mission is successful.
In doing so, Benkhe is hoping to fundraise for both the camp and the township of KHR, as well as providing services for those at the rink.
The items being sold at the canteen would be purchased by the camp and, in return for the use, they would also man the building for the public’s use.
Aside from volunteering, 25 per cent of the net profits would be given to the KHR recreational fund.
Benkhe is proposing that the hours of the canteen be Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 4 p.m. until 9 p.m.
“We are wanting to start with these hours, and hopefully expand to some other evenings,” he said. “We believe that this marriage of ministries would not only be a prosperous one, but would hopefully make a large difference in the lives of our young people.”
Benkhe then noted that there is a leak in the ceiling of the canteen, which has caused the floor, sink and countertop to be flooded on warmer days.
“The water passes down through an electrical junction box in the ceiling and works its way to the floor,” Benkhe said.
Councillor Isabel O’Reilly then gave her congratulations to Benkhe, stating that she believes it is a wonderful thing that he and his family are doing.
“We as a family have a very large heart for children and young people, and we want to see them not stuck behind computers… We want them to experience the outdoors,” Benkhe said.
“I think this is a wonderful marriage,” O’Reilly stated.
The camp will often sponsor children so that they are able to go to camp and experience the opportunity when they might not have been able to before.
“I certainly would support this project… I think it’s wonderful that you are willing to give your time,” Councillor Kathy Marion said, and then asked what would be served at the canteen.
Benkhe listed off several possible items, with chips, pop, candy bars, hot chocolate as well as some healthy options available.
“A canteen is a canteen… We will have hotdogs and hamburgers on occasion as well,” he said.
Another item they may be serving will consist of cup of noodles, which children will be able to purchase and fill using the hot water from the water dispenser at the rink.
Marion then asked for the solution to the flooding.
With the roof being only two years old, council is hoping it will be covered by a warranty.
A secondary leak has also been noticed in the change rooms at the rink.
“I noticed a light bulb was out… I took the glass protector off and it was full of water,” Benkhe said.
Visneskie mentioned that prior to his passing; Cybulskie had sent someone out to fix the issue, leaving council to assume the problem was dealt with.
Benkhe also brought forward the idea that there is wind damage, and that the screws used on the roof are too short, and that they may need to be replaced.
Marion said that she would look into the warranty on the roof and bring the matter back to council.
If it is not included in the warranty, council will look into the issue and have the problem solved.
O’Reilly asked Benkhe about allergies, and how the canteen is going to work around those barriers.
He said that peanut-free items will be carried.
“We are trying to stick as close to an allergy-free concept as possible,” he said.
Council all agreed with the project.
Story continues in the January 16, 2013 issue of The Valley Gazette.