Killaloe Kings look back on over 30 years of history

KILLALOE – Members, past and present, of the Killaloe Kings hockey team reunited at the Killaloe Curling Club to celebrate the team’s history on May 15.

Chris “Chummy” Gienow, an alum himself, took the lead on organizing the event, which recognized players from as far back as the 1978 season, the very first iteration of the Killaloe Kings.

“Tonight we’re retiring some jerseys,” explained Gienow.

Jerseys for Ronnie Murray, Carl Lacombe, and Dennis Gienow, members of the 1978-1979 team’s first line, were recognized, and their jerseys retired, set to hang in the Killaloe Curling Club. The second line’s own Richard Bozak, Jerry Summers and Alan Mullin also had their jerseys retired.

“Those guys were probably one of the best scoring lines Killaloe has ever seen,” said Gienow of the second line.

The team played in the Madawaska Valley Hockey League and the Eganville Hockey League through the years, winning a number of championships and setting a high bar for the competition.

“This is probably one of the longest-standing senior teams in the Valley,” commented Gienow.

Through the years, Gienow estimated the team has had around 160 players.

Plaques were presented to the two lines, and everyone in the room gave a standing ovation to Richard Bozak, who has been facing a number of health issues. The plaques will be hung in the Killaloe Curling Club. Another plaque, this one in memory of the team’s founder and first coach Gary “Ziggy” Bozak, will also be hung in the curling club’s hall. 

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