Killaloe-Hagarty-Richards council meeting held

KILLALOE – The Killaloe-Hagarty-Richards (KHR) township council met for their regularly scheduled meeting on April 2, following a brief ceremony in the frigid evening air, raising a flag to recognize World Autism Awareness Day.

Mayor Janice Visneskie and councillors huddled together in the brisk wind at the front of the township hall, as the flag was raised, and the mayor recounted to those gathered the purpose for the attention given to autism. The council then retreated to the warmer climate of council chambers to address the business of the evening. The following reflects highlights of the meeting.
Volunteer Coordinator Report
The township is privileged to have a healthy variety of activities and projects on the go, under the capable direction of Volunteer Coordinator Maria Mayville. Maria reported a hugely successful Easter Candyland held on Easter weekend, with over one hundred children enjoying the fun and the treats.
Plans for the upcoming Volunteer Appreciation Open House for April 22 are on track, with council approving funds for an accompanying banner.
T-Ball and three pitch registration will be held on April 22. A newsletter highlighting activities and opportunities is in the works and will appear mid to late April.
Maria also reported on a recent visit by Karen Woods, an early literacy specialist/program effectiveness data analysis coordinator for Renfrew County and Eastern Ontario Region. Woods came for the purpose of viewing Killaloe Station Park as the proposed site for the Book Tree. She was significantly impressed with the park’s appearance and its suitability for the project. The Book Tree allows children and adults the opportunity to drop off used but cared-for books, pick up free books and track registered books travelling from tree to tree anywhere in the county. A Book Tree is created out of local wood, stands about six feet tall and contains approximately 12 weather-proofed shelves. This project also recognizes the local wood industry in that a company based in Calabogie will be making the county Book Trees out of fallen tree trunks. Each Book Tree will also incorporate an educational component, explaining how logging plays a significant role in the Ottawa Valley.
Works Report
Works Superintendent Clifford Yantha reported that due to the frost coming out of the ground this time of year, a fair bit of patching of pavement will be required on county roads. The county grader has broken down, and is out of commission for a few weeks. Thankfully, the repairs will be much less extensive than earlier anticipated. Meanwhile, council recognized the wisdom in their decision some time ago, to purchase a blade unit for the county dump truck. This unit will certainly come in handy on township roads until the grader is repaired.
Renovations/alterations to the Killaloe waste site are proceeding, with the deck now installed, and electrical work ready to be done. However, the company responsible for the compactor doors has made a miscalculation in the sizing, which will now result in a disappointing delay for completion. The old Second Chance building at the site has now been removed. Purchase and delivery of a storage unit structure to take its place will total $2,500. This is $500 less than what was originally budgeted.
Council will embark upon their annual road tour on May 7, including a scheduled stop in the afternoon at the Killaloe Water Treatment Plant. This site will be council’s first visit, since having embarked upon a new water treatment system and pilot project. Killaloe boasts being the first community in North America using this cutting edge non-chlorine technology, eliminating THMs (TriHaloMethanes) and other potentially harmful disinfection by-products from drinking water. Representatives from Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) and SanEco Tec will be there as well, with a possible ribbon cutting ceremony to officially inaugurate the new system. More information on this site visit to be announced.
Story continues in the April 10, 2013 issue of The Valley Gazette.