Killaloe council meeting


KILLALOE – Mayor and councillors met as scheduled for their regular council meeting on March 5, where they discussed a number of issues.

Blair Voyvodic was in attendance to request another entrance to his property, by adding a driveway between the courthouse in Killaloe and the Rainbow Valley clinic.
After some discussion between Mayor Janice Visneskie and Clifford Yantha, roads superintendent and public works manager, it was decided that Yantha and Councillor Carl Kuehl, who is also the chairman of roads, property and planning department, would meet on site with Voyvodic to ensure everything is in compliance with the township’s bylaws.
Yantha indicated that a new radiator was required on one of the snow plow trucks at a cost of $700 and is going ahead with having this repair made.
Minimum maintenance standards for roads were discussed and Yantha will be reviewing documentation obtained by Visneskie during a recent workshop she attended to ensure standards are up to date.
Councillor Stanley Pecoskie gave a report on the moloks being used at the waste removal sites in Killaloe and Round Lake Centre.
There was some concern as to the hinged tops currently located on the moloks, and new hinges are being looked into in order to better secure the tops.
Residents are doing a great job of sorting organic waste; however, organics have increased unbelievably and Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre has had to be called for special trips to remove the waste, at a cost of approximately $359 per trip, to pick up their moloks. Pecoskie indicated that in the long run buying another two moloks will save the township money, as special trips would not be needed for organic materials to be picked up.
Council asked that Lorna Hudder, CAO, look into the cost of purchasing new moloks.
Maria Mayville, volunteer coordinator, indicated that there will be a number of events occurring during the March break at the rinks in Killaloe and Round Lake Centre, with activities for children to take part in.
Candyland will be held again this year, and Mayville requested the same budget as last year, in the amount of $250, to help cover costs associated the event, which council approved.
An Irish gathering is also in the works to take place between August 17 and 24, and a tentative schedule has been drafted.
Mayville also requested that council permit her to attend a visitor information centre workshop, in Pembroke on March 22, to which council agreed, where, among other items, change to signage at the visitors’ centres will be discussed.
Visneskie recently attended a conference in Toronto where she met with the Minister of the Environment.
After telling him of the township’s efforts at recycling, and how well it has been going, she asked if he would be able to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony of the transfer station when it opens.
The Minister agreed and will be attending the ceremony, at a date and time yet to be determined.
Story continues in the March 13 issue of The Valley Gazette.