KHR holds grand opening for new fire hall

Sarah Crookall
Special to The Valley Gazette

KILLALOE – Firefighters are no strangers to smoldering heat. But on Saturday, Killaloe, Hagarty, and Richards (KHR) firefighters broke a sweat presenting their new fire hall on the hottest August 21 in 100 years.

The temperature sweltered around 33 C for the grand opening of the new 6,500 sq. ft. fire hall in the KHR township.
Following seven months of delays, firefighters rolled out three firetrucks with sirens flashing. The completion of the hall was held back from its original opening date in February due to COVID-19-related manufacturing and shipping setbacks.

“We had a lot of problems getting the apparatus bay doors, and we had some problems getting lighting and things like that,” said KHR Fire Chief Bob Gareau.

The new fire hall is equipped with three fire trucks, with the capacity to hold five. The building contains a high-pressure washer and a 100-foot fire hose. It is also designated as a post-disaster building in the case of floods, windstorms, and earthquakes. Additionally, the hall contains a training room, a work space, a kitchen, and two offices.

Located at 15 Round Lake Rd., the hall sits right off Highway 60. The next closest fire halls are in Round Lake and Wilno, making the location more accessible.

The fire hall replaces the old hall at 5 Civic Street in, which Gareau says was condemned. “It’s sinking under some of the foundation corners,” he said. “The wiring is shot, the windows are rotting, and it’s way too small for our needs.”

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