Kerry Hartwig wins 2016 logger’s games

ROUND LAKE CENTRE – A dozen junior loggers and a dozen senior loggers took to the grounds of Round Lake Recreation Park to compete in the annual logger’s games.

The games honour traditional and modern logging methods here in the Valley. Gerry Chapeskie of Palmer Rapids had his horses on hand to help move logs during the event.

This year started a bit differently, with junior loggers kicking off the day’s events. Kids aged eight to 12 competed in a nail driving race, bucksaw competition, log roll event and a choker race.

Coming in first place was Cooper Cybulskie, who earned the top points in each category. Other participants, listed from second to twelfth place, included: Maya Rosendic (who won the best-dressed Jill logger title) Cameron Holly, Sierra Kicksee, Amelia Sadecki, Ryan Jeffery, Maggie Hartwig, Mike Jeffery, Jacob Burant, Mackenzie Lavean, Shawnta Lavean and Spencer Holly.  

Next up were the ‘veterans’. Twelve senior loggers gathered to compete in tree felling, log cutting, a tea boil, speed cutting, chair carving and a pulp toss. Despite the participant’s best effort, there could only be one winner. 

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