Veterans honoured at Pikwakanagan Pow Wow

PIKWAKANAGAN – In a moving ceremony at the beginning of the Pikwakanagan Pow Wow, a family was honoured for the service of their veterans. Aboriginal Veteran Millennium Medals were presented to surviving members of the Jocko family. Six brothers and a sister served in the Second World War. In recognition of the special relationship between Pikwakanagan and Garrison Petawawa, Fourth Canadian Division Support Group Commander Colonel Louis Lapointe came to present the medals himself. As part of the Grand Opening of the Pow Wow, Bear Nation drummed the Veterans Song. The emcee of the ceremony, Fred McGregor, from Kitingan Zibi, Quebec, (part of the Algonquin community), said, “We stand with all veterans of all colours … This song is for all veterans.” A member of the Aboriginal Veterans Association carried the Canadian flag around the grass circle surrounding the arbour. As the flag approached, people raised their hands in respect. The main presentation was from veteran and Member of Pikwakanagan Council Wendy Jocko, whose father Leo was one of those honoured. To read the full story, pick up a copy of the August 22, 2018 Valley Gazette.