Informed adoption makes for happy outcomes


BARRY’S BAY – Adding to your family is always a big decision, whether it be human or animal. The long, lonely days of COVID 19 isolation have led many to bring a furry addition home for mutual comfort. Strong, meaningful bonds have been forged over the past year. Many stories have happy endings.

With people at home and lots of ‘spare time’ on their hands, the addition of a pet seems like a good idea. The mutual love and affection from a fur baby can’t be matched.

Adding a pet to your brood is usually an emotional decision. Who can resist a puppy or a kitten or a guinea pig? But as someone once said, “It’s not acquiring the horse that’s the problem, it’s the upkeep’.

So, what are some of the things you should consider before opening your doors to a new family member?

What is the best type of pet for your family situation? If you live in an apartment, a dog might not be the best choice as dogs need to go outside both for exercise and potty breaks. A cat might be a better option. A small animal in a cage can also be a good choice but it comes with a requirement to clean out cages and attend to the pet’s needs on a consistent basis.

So, you’ve made your choice. Now what?

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