Horoscopes – July 10 to 17

ARIES – Mar 21/Apr 20

Aries, there’s not much you can do to prevent your momentum from taking you in a particular direction. Enjoy the ride and hold on tight.

TAURUS – Apr 21/May 21

Stick to your gut feeling when someone tries to persuade you otherwise, Taurus. You know what feels right and wrong, and you can guide others in the right direction.

GEMINI – May 22/Jun 21

Your current focus on finances has all of your accounts under scrutiny, Gemini. You need to have a clear picture of spending habits in order to reign things in.

CANCER – Jun 22/Jul 22

Cancer, if you are feeling exhausted, plan a getaway that will have you feeling rested in no time. Go somewhere nearby so you can start relaxing as soon as possible.

LEO – Jul 23/Aug 23

Leo, you want to give sound advice but are a little worried about how your message will be received. All you can do is put the information out there and hope for the best.

VIRGO – Aug 24/Sept 22

All it takes is a little rescheduling to free up your calendar for something extremely fun, Virgo. Now you just have to settle on which enjoyable activity to do.

LIBRA – Sept 23/Oct 23

If you feel like your coffers are getting a little empty lately, find a fun way to bring in a little more money, Libra. This extra income will alleviate some pressure you have felt of late.

SCORPIO – Oct 24/Nov 22

Scorpio, once you stop trying so hard, all of the answers will fall in your lap. However, it can be difficult to pull back and let nature run its course. Things worth fighting for take work.

SAGITTARIUS – Nov 23/Dec 21

It may be time for a big change, Sagittarius. A number of factors that only you can control will determine which direction to go in. Start thinking of the possibilities.

CAPRICORN – Dec 22/Jan 20

A few celebrations are in store for you, Capricorn. Rest up for a period of whirlwind activity that won’t abate anytime soon. Bring a friend along for the ride.

AQUARIUS – Jan 21/Feb 18

Learn how to control stressors that impact your well-being, Aquarius. This may be as simple as exercising or getting out in the fresh air for extended periods of time.

PISCES – Feb 19/Mar 20

You may have a reason for keeping your cards close to the vest, Pisces. However, sometimes you may have to share some of your secrets.



Conor McGregor, Fighter (31)


Gabriel Iglesias, Comic (43)


Will Ferrell, Actor (52)


Angela Merkel, World Leader (65)


Kristen Bell, Actress (39)


Brian May, Guitarist (72)


Julianne Hough, Dancer (31)

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