Hoch Farm has to be torn down

Staff Reporter

KILLALOE – There was no debate at the evening meeting of the Killaloe-Hagarty-Richards council on September 29 about the Hoch Farm.

Despite having received a letter of complaint from a resident and numerous emails, there was to be no debate about the matter. The building is coming down, KHR Mayor Janice Tiedje (formerly, Visneskie-Moore) told council.
The letter writer argued that it was distressing to hear that the historical building was slated for demolition – and without consultation with residents.

These communiqués were made in response to the township’s September 22 news release which announced the building’s closer.

The farm house sits on the edge of Killaloe, in an large undeveloped field along Highway 60 and Queen Street, behind the more recognizable barn which serves as the setting for the farmers market on the site. The barn, which is closer to the road, dwarfs the grey brick farm house, partially concealed as well by trees.

From the photos submitted to the council from engineering firm, Greenview Consulting, it was clear that the building was beyond dangerous. Though not as evident from the exterior of the building, it was ready to give way, in the judgment of Greenview. It is in such bad condition that even museum staff is not permitted to re-enter it.

It was the township’s Community Development Officer Chris Neff who got the whole ball rolling after a visit to the facility, explained the mayor at the council meeting.

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