History of Healthcare in the Valley introduction and overview

Staff Reporter

BARRY’S BAY – The history of healthcare in the Valley demonstrates the tenacity and vision of local residents. This series of articles will explore various aspects of local healthcare as it developed from the days of early settlement through the establishment of the hospital and up to the present day and our vision for the future.

We have reached out to several local experts for more information on various issues and events that marked the milestones for healthcare in the region, and we are still keen to interview more people to hear
their stories.

This initial part in the series lays out some of the topics that will be explored in future instalments. If you have stories or photos related to one or more of these issues, or if you think of someone who might be good to interview, please contact The Valley Gazette to set up a phone or email interview.

Each section begins with a quotation from Hippocrates, the Greek philosopher who is known as the ‘Father of Medicine’. It is from him that ideas and ethics contained in the Hippocratic Oath are thought to originate. While he may not have written the words himself, the oath is derived from the principles on which he based his medicine. His words serve as a way to capture the intentions and accomplishments of the local community at various points in our history.

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