HH resident asks for private roads grant policy

MAYNOOTH – A resident who lives on a road not maintained by the municipality is asking Hastings Highlands council to adopt a private roads grant policy.

Bob Millar attended the October 5 regular council meeting to present the idea to council. He lives on Lewis Lane, a road that he and other residents maintain throughout the year.

“We get no assistance whatsoever,” Millar said. “We have improved the road by graveling and by grading.”

Although the residents of the road pay $1,000 per year for upkeep, the road is continuing to degrade.

“We are almost going back to four wheel drive,” Millar explained.

The figure does not include plowing in the wintertime, either, he said.

Millar presented a copy of Madawaska Valley Township’s private roads grant policy, which designates a certain amount of money every year to private roads. A set amount of money is designated per kilometre and per property. Those on private roads can apply for the grant.

“Hopefully Hastings Highlands can come up with something like this,” Millar said.

If Hastings Highlands adopts a similar policy, it would translate into almost $500 for maintaining Lewis Lane, or 50 per cent of the annual maintenance costs.

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