HH council talks culverts, brushing, and road salt during council

MAYNOOTH – During the regular council meeting for the Municipality of Hastings Highlands, Operations Manager Adrian Tomasini brought forward his monthly operations report to council.

The report discusses the work that has been done in the township in terms of brushing, tree removal, culvert repairs, grading, patching and potholes, as well as work in the parks and landfills. Each entry outlines the date of work completion and the location.

Councillor Tracy Hagar started with some questions for Tomasini. She said she really liked how he has lined everything out in the reports. She then said she had spoken with someone who was curious about one of the items in the report. This item was about the instillations of a culvert at the entrance of Church Road and Koss Road just outside of Maynooth.

“She had concern that there might still be an issue with that one,” said Hagar.

She asked that Tomasini check on that.

Tomasini said he received a call on the weekend. He said that they were doing a ditching system in there to get water off the surface of the road. He said the first process in that was to insert a culvert, so the ditching should now be completed.

For more pick up a copy of the November 29, paper.