Herta Blaeske

February 18 1923 to August 26 2019

Herta was born Febraury 18, 1923 in the Black
Forest. Her childhood was spent near the
Hohentveil where she roamed the woods
and put on plays for her friends, charging 5
pennies. Attendance was likely boosted by her
mother serving desert during intermission. She
was tossed out of the Hitlerjugend for lack of
attendance which might have been the plan as she
hated any regimentation.
Her love of theatre found her attending the Max Rheinhard Institute in
Vienna and she worked on stage in Munich and Vienna. Performances
were often interrupted by bomb attacks until they stopped altogether.
During this time she met her husband Guenther, and Olivia was born in
1946 followed by Annette in 49. In 1950 Guenther’s business took
them to Dusseldorf where Robbie and Alexander were born. Her darkest
hour came when Robbie died of SIDS at 8 months old. Dusseldorf is
where her second career began, designing children’s clothing and
then working in the fashion industry. The arrival of her grandchild
Katja in 1964 engendered her 3rd career being a foster mother to more
than 20 children. She advocated tirelessly for her kids, making sure
they were respected by teachers who at times had pretty awful
attitudes towards them.
Guenther died in 1980 whilst they were planning a move to Canada. She
moved forward with the plan in 1983 bringing a family of 9 accompanied
by 6 dressage horses. She moved to Killaloe in 1989 to be near Annette
and her family. Failing health prompted a move to Toronto where
Annette and family had moved. She resided at Copernicus Lodge where
she received the best care. Ela, Passang, Modesta and Marzina you are
the most wonderful compassionate people, Herta was so lucky to have
you. Thank-you Dr. Valadka for looking after her so well.
With deep sadness and joy we say goodbye.
Wir Lieben Dich Mami…
Alexander, Amanda, Anke, Andre, Annina, Annette, Angela, Ashley,
Betken, Dakotah, Katja, Jeremy, Jessica, Joshi, Kevin, Marion,
Michael, Michele, Olivia, Natalie, Noah, Sean, Steve, Sylvie, Udo.

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