Help put a smile on a senior’s face this year

Christine Hudder

BARRY’S BAY – Ruth Coulas has some fond memories as a resident of the Valley Manor. She remembers the day she and other Valley Manor residents had the opportunity to enjoy a fall colours tour this autumn.
She left her walker at home, got on the bus, and was treated to a tour around the Valley. Coulas, originally from the Whitney area, had the opportunity to see places she had never been before, including the Madonna House in Combermere.
“It was all exciting,” Coulas said.
Then there was the time she got to know another resident because volunteers were singing Happy Birthday to a 95-year-old that didn’t look a day over 80.
“I thought she was quite smart for her age,” Coulas said.
Coulas howls with laughter as she remembers going through the silly Santa photos of her neighbours with Santa Claus, who dropped by for a visit.
Those experiences make Coulas’ time at the manor memorable and most of all, fun.
The St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation is hoping to raise money to continue offering those kinds of unique experiences.
To read the full story, pick up a copy of the November 21, 2018 Valley Gazette.