Healthy eatery potentially coming to Killaloe

Staff Reporter

– Residents in the village of Killaloe could soon see a healthy mobile food truck come to town.

Business partners Garth Watterson and Michael Kearney attended the April 17 Killaloe-Hagarty-Richards township meeting to discuss their plans with council.

Watterson said the two have been searching for a suitable location for a food service truck and trailer.

“It came to our attention that the main spot on the drag is available and we are very interested in it,” Watterson said, referring to the property near the visitor information centre.

He explained that the Mosquito Burrito wagon would have no deep fried food whatsoever, and would serve healthy options, along with vegetarian and meat choices.
The property is owned by the township, which, in the past, has charged rent to past food vendors to use the land.

“The trailer that we have is custom made and is in very nice condition,” he said.
Watterson said the establishment would include an 8’ by 16’ trailer, and sit in the location where the previous chip truck sat.

In addition to burritos, the business would have a smoker on-site and offer smoked half or whole chickens to customers. Maple and oak wood would be used to fuel the burners.

Watterson said the stand would be a seasonal business, and if all goes as planned, would open on the weekend of May 18 and close at the end of September.

Council seemed in favour of the business; however, many of the members questioned the on-site smoker.

Councillor Isabel O’Reilly noted that there are residents nearby that hang their clothes outside to dry during the summer months. She asked if there would be a lot of smoke coming out of the equipment.

“Because everyone on council will be getting a call if there is,” she said.
Kearney said the smoker won’t produce “clouds and clouds” of smoke, and that it would be similar to a propane barbeque.

Councillor Ernie Cybulski said he worries about smoke interfering with the nearby services, like the visitor information booth.

“That’s my biggest concern,” Councillor Ernie Cybulski said.

Cybulski suggested the men add a stack to the smoker, so the smoke is emitted at a higher level. Kearney said he would be willing to work with council should they be in favour of that recommendation.

Story continues in the April 26th issue of The Valley Gazette.