Gulick thanks fire department

PALMER RAPIDS – Fire Chief, Jordan Genrick received a nice surprise at the August 9, 2017 meeting of Brudenell, Lyndoch and Raglan (BLR) council.

“I was very pleased about it. It’s not everyday we get a letter thanking us for our services. It’s very nice of him,” Genrick said.

The letter was from Grant Gulick and referred to a May 20, fire at Gulick Forest Products in Palmers Rapids.

Genrick explained, “We had an early morning fire reported to us. It wasn’t quite at the mill yet. It was close to the sawdust bins and his outdoor wood furnace, that’s how he heats the kilns. There was a fire in that area and it ended up destroying the furnace, the sawdust bin and the adjoining woodshed.

“Had it not have been noticed it would have spread to the sawmill and destroyed the sawmill. It could have been fairly significant. Luckily some passersby noticed it.

“Actually it was on the May long weekend, some passersby coming in from a party that wasn’t so good, they’d gone home early and noticed the fire,” Genrick said.

For more pick up a copy of the August 16, 2017 paper.