Goose droppings at waterfront causing complaints

BARRY’S BAY – The goose problem at Barry’s Bay’s waterfront is causing complaints from local residents.

A letter was presented at the September 3 recreation, heritage and culture committee meeting, authored by Bill Schroeder. In early August, he visited the beach and said he was “appalled” by the amount of goose droppings littering the sand.

“Virtually every square metre had a pile and one needed to gingerly sidestep your way around them to the water,” Schroeder wrote. “There were young children playing in the sand, who are, of course, less conscious of the risks involved. In addition to aesthetic concerns, there are clear health and potential liability issues here.”

He said the mess runs counter to the development efforts that that the township is undertaking.

“Any chain is only as strong as its weakest link and if the word that comes to mind to describe the beach is disgusting, there is a problem,” he wrote.

Schroeder said the beach should be a drawing card for visitors to the area, but in its current condition, he can’t imagine anyone returning.

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