From Barry’s Bay Timberfest Parade costume, to real doctor

BARRY’S BAY  –  Last Thursday, an old photograph of Kaleigh Briggs was taken to her father at the pharmacy in Barry’s Bay by Sister Bernice Mintha. The 1999 news clipping shows Kaleigh dressed in doctors scrubs, walking in the Barry’s Bay Timberfest parade with the IDA Health Nut.

Mintha said she thought pharmacist Chris Briggs would be interested in the photograph of his daughter. What Mintha did not know was that Dr. Kaleigh Briggs would be working in St. Francis Memorial Hospital (SFMH) the very next day.

Last Friday, Dr. Kaleigh Briggs did her first shift in the Emergency Department at SFMH in Barry’s Bay.

“It’s like kismet,” Dr. Briggs said. “The day before I start working.That’s what I wore yesterday,” she said referring to the scrubs in the old photograph.

Working in the emergency department of her home town hospital, was not a fate Briggs expected.

“Often the plans you make aren’t the ones that happen, but it’s sometimes better,” she said with a glowing smile on her face.

For more pick up a copy of the November 22, paper.