Former Madawaska Valley sign base to remain a “feature” of Arena Rd.

Steph Armstrong
Staff Reporter

“You may have had the opportunity to view the old cube sign base at the corner of Arena Road and Highway 60 now that the cube has been removed. During the removal of the cube, the logs were removed as they sustained damage. Staff have already noticed people climbing the structure and sitting or standing on top of it,” Hannah Gutoskie stated.

“Staff is seeking Council direction on how to proceed with the base. It can be removed, left as is, or rehabilitated. It remains staff’s recommendation to remove the entire structure, not only to avoid further spending on the base but also to clean up the appearance of that corner.”

Councillor Shulist remarked, “This is a touchy one for me … it’s a part of our heritage … it’s a feature I don’t think I would like to see taken down.”

“When the sign first came off I thought … I wouldn’t like it, but as it sat there over the last couple of months it has grown on me … I do appreciate the stonework and I’ve had some crazy ideas driving past about what it could be used for. I think it’s a perfect base for our gardening club to create a beautiful planter, and that would fit into our greening policies,” Mayor Willmer added.

Councillors Maika, Olsheski and Blank all unanimous agreed with these sentiments.

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