Former councillor voices frustration with BLR council

PALMER RAPIDS – A former councillor of Brudenell, Lyndoch and Raglan Township wants council to move forward and patch things up with the fire department.

This is after The Valley Gazette reported on the January 8 regular council meeting, where Fire Chief Jordan Genrick told council that morale was dropping in the fire department.

Rick Clements, former BLR councillor, asked to speak to council at a special council meeting held on January 22.

“I am gravely concerned about what is going on,” Clements began. “This is not aimed at any individual. It is coming from me as a former council member and as a resident. This is meant to be constructive, even though some of it might not sound constructive…I think this council needs to change the way they are behaving.”

He quoted the code of conduct, which emphasized accountability and transparency.

“I went online. There are no minutes from December. There are no minutes from January on your website. How come they are not available? There are no financial statements after 2017. We are talking about budget, yet we are using 2017 data as a reference point? This is not transparency. Where people are getting the information from is from, The Valley Gazette,” Clements said.

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