Food bank seeking fridge donation

BARRY’S BAY – The good news is that the Madawaska Valley Food Bank is receiving a donation of 15 dozen eggs. The bad news, however, is that the organization has nowhere to put them.

Back in March, Egg Farmers of Ontario announced that to celebrate its 50th anniversary, it will be introducing a new egg donation program in collaboration with the Ontario Association of Food Banks and a number of Ontario egg grading companies.

More than 12,000 eggs per month will be donated and distributed to food banks across Ontario. The Madawaska Valley Food Bank received 15 dozen eggs on July 10, but it does not have a refrigerator to store them in.

Currently, the food bank is pleading with the community for a donation of a fridge. In the meantime, the eggs will be stored offsite.

“We’ve never had eggs before,” Food Bank Director Patricia Whitfield said.

There are four freezers on site that store items like donated milk and meat. A fridge would be handy to store fresh produce, Whitfield explained. She said any kind of fridge will do, but it would be preferable to receive an energy-efficient one to limit the operating costs for the organization.

Just recently, the food bank has initiated a new program called the Food Bank Buck. Coupons will be available at the two local grocery stores. When cashed-in at the till, one dollar will be added to the customer’s bill and money raised will be used to purchase items for the food bank.

Whitfield said the program has been successful in the past. She added it is an easy way for visitors and locals alike to contribute to those in need.

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