Flowers around town add to the beauty of the region

Staff Reporter

MADAWASKA VALLEY – One of the great joys of living in the Valley is seeing the care which goes into the flower boxes and planters outside of many homes, businesses and public places. These cultivated natural creations enhance the wild landscape that is all around us.

These photos taken from around Barry’s Bay, and Combermere are just a few of the many places to view flowers this season. Some are strategically placed so that they help to make a good impression for visitors as they enter Combermere and Barry’s Bay. The magnificent flower boxes along the rail of the Combermere Bridge are just below the sign directing people to the Mission House Museum and Visitors’ Centre. Those at the all-way stop in Barry’s Bay welcome visitors from many directions.

The “Adopt-a-Bed Summer 2021” program looks after many planters and boxes around town. These include: Six Flower Beds on O’Manique Trail, library flower beds, hospital entrance area flower beds, seven self-watering planters placed in various locations in town, Combermere Beach, Combermere boat launch area, Combermere Bridge boxes, Combermere Craft Cabin, Water Tower Park area, the roundabout self-watering planters, Lion’s Arch/rotating sign Hwy 60, four stone fireplaces / BBQ Hwy 62, the Legion, the cenotaph Area, the parkett near Talk O’ The Town, MAD Outdoors side bench beds, and the Post Office.

That’s a lot of locations, a whole bunch of flowers and a tonne of volunteer hours put in by members of the Madawaska Valley Gardening Club (formerly the Horticultural Society). In fact, the volunteers put in well over 300 hours between them to prepare, maintain and water the plants in the various locations around town. We should all be very grateful for the huge amount of effort and the skills these volunteers donate for everyone’s benefit.

Beautification of the community adds to the aesthetic value of the region, which in turn adds to the actual property value. When people passing through are met with beautiful displays of flowers, they are also more likely to get out of their vehicles and spend some time here.

If your own garden has been especially bountiful this year, or if you simply want to enjoy seeing the fruits of other people’s gardening efforts, remember that the annual Flower and Vegetable Show takes place this Saturday, August 21 at the backyard of the Opeongo Seniors’ Centre. It is hosted by the Gardening Club and most of the information including the rules and classes can be found on page 21-27 of the 2020 Gardening Club yearbook. If you have any questions, you can contact the club through their Facebook page.

Thanks to all of the volunteers and businesses who have contributed to the flowers this year. They are stunning!

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