First vintage sled show in Barry’s Bay


BARRYS BAY – On a snowy mid-winter day, a large crowd of enthusiasts gathered behind the Railway Station in Barry’s Bay to attend the first vintage snowmobile show in the town.

On February 11, people came from surrounding towns and as far afield as Windsor to see the more than 30 restored snowmobiles.

The show was co-organized by Gerry Bimm and Anya Gansterer of the Railway Station.

“Vintage snowmobiling has really become popular across Canada, a lot of vintage shows have popped up in the last 20 years or so,” Bimm said. “I was one of the people that started the one in Eganville in 1999, with a couple other fellows down there. It’s grown exponentially every year.”

Having been away from the Eganville show for a number of years, Bimm thought Barry’s Bay would be an ideal location for a sled show. So, he decided to volunteer with the Railway Station.

“Theoretically, it’s probably the best location in Renfrew County for a snowmobile show because it’s central to snowmobile trails, it’s close enough for the people from southern Ontario to come up, it’s closer than Eganville,” Bimm said. “You have such an ideal set up here with the snowmobile trail going right through the parking lot. You know, we’re in the heart of snowmobiling country right here…This could really grow into something substantial.”

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