Fire prevention lessons mixed with fun

Mark Jones

ROUND LAKE – On a hot summer’s day, the doors were thrown open by the volunteer fire fighters of Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards Fire Department for the annual open house.

There were ample games and rides for the children as well as demonstrations about fire safety for children and parents alike.

Among the demonstrations, Deputy Fire Chief Dwayne Bielawski talked through how to deal with a kitchen fat fire. Firefighter Andrew Armitage, dressed in full bunker gear, showed what happens when water is added to a fat fire, the flames leap higher still.

Senior Captain, Round Lake Fire Hall, Bob Hopper showed how different clothing materials burned. Hopper asked the audience which materials would burn and which would melt. He then set about setting 10 items of clothing, each of a different material, on fire, one at a time. Fire Chief Bob Gareau measured the temperature of the burn of each fabric.

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