Fire Chief advises people to stay away during emergencies

BARRY’S BAY – On January 6, an accident took place south of Barry’s Bay.

During that incident a number of emergency vehicles, including ambulances, fire trucks and police cruisers rushed to the scene but, Madawaska Valley Fire Chief, Corwin Quade said during the incident, members of the community were coming down to the scene of the accident to take photos for Facebook and to see what was going on which hindered the situation.

“At the fatal accident, there is one picture in your paper where two vehicles were jamming in the emergency vehicle. That now prevents us from getting out of there. It jeopardizes the people involved. They shouldn’t be in there, we don’t want you to follow fire trucks, ambulances and police vehicles either. We are trying to tell people to stay out of there,” said Quade.

For more pick up a copy of the January 17, paper.