Family fun at the Loggers Sports Festival

ROUND LAKE  – There was little snow on the ground last Saturday for the 15th Loggers Sports Festival held in Round Lake and organized by the municipality of Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards.

In the mild January weather, a large crowd gathered to witness the adults and children compete in a number of logging events at the Albert Street rink.

Twelve adult contestants competed in six events. Tree felling required the loggers to land the tree close to a marker. They then had to mark the log into firewood lengths.

The wind sweeping across the ball field made the tea boil more difficult this year. Each logger was given three matches, some birch bark, dry wood, a bottle of water, a long stick and a can. They raced to boil the water for tea. While they each were able to start a fire, two were unable to keep it burning in the wind.

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