Expansion a go for Palmer Rapids township office

PALMER RAPIDS – Residents in Brudenell-Lyndoch-Raglan will see some big changes to the township office in Palmer Rapids in the coming months. 
Council approved a tender from Greenview Environmental Management at the August 7 council meeting, allowing a renovation and addition to the building to go ahead.
The building, which is more than 30 years old, is bursting at the seams and needs to meet certain accessibility standards. Administration staff work in the same place as the reception area and there is no proper meeting area for residents. 
The addition and renovation is expected to alleviate most of these problems. 
But councillors at last Wednesday’s meeting were apprehensive to approve the project. 
The evening started out with Clerk/Treasurer Michelle Mantifel opening two tenders: One from Greenview in Bancroft and the other from Zuracon. According to Mantifel, around six companies attended a mandatory site meeting, but the township received only two proposals before the deadline.
Greenview’s bid was the lowest, at $319,021.60 including HST. That figure did not include a $35,000 plus HST provisional item of a front entrance addition. 
Tyler Peters, president of Greenview Environmental Management was on hand to answer any design questions that council had that evening.  His company came up with the design plans for the building.
Speaking about the design plans, he said the project is so expensive, because the building is considered commercial, and strict codes must be adhered to. 
So far, the township has spent $35,000 in a consultation review and $10,000 in pre consultation work such as surveys. 
Story continues in the August 14, 2013 issue of The Valley Gazette