Everyone’s grief is different

BARRY’S BAY – “My father was a very gentle man. He had a big heart,” Susan Coulas said of her father Felix Coulas who was a farmer between Wilno and Killaloe. Felix died in April 2016.

“My father was very faithful, he believed in going to church and praying. He also taught us where there’s help, give it…Where he could do anything, if it was his last five dollars, he would give it to somebody.”

Of her relationship with her father Coulas said, “I’m the youngest of seven children. I was daddy’s little girl, he always stuck up for me when I was in trouble.”

When it came to celebrate the first festive season after her father’s death, Coulas was in turmoil.

“I didn’t want to celebrate Christmas, I didn’t want to do anything,” Susan Coulas said.

The experience of Coulas is very common, said Dawn Cruchet a grief educator and counsellor with the Madawaska Valley Hospice; the first holiday without a loved one is a time of transition.

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