Eganville landmark disappears

EGANVILLE – Noon hour traffic along Highway 41 in Eganville was startled by the sight of another Eganville landmark being hoisted on a crane on April 28.

Stuart Tiedemann, who still works part time for Villeneuve Milk Transport Limited, said, “I hate to see the change in the village, losing the tanks.”

Tiedemann was referring to the massive milk storage tanks that stood outside the Villeneuve creamery in Eganville.

“We’ve lost so many things on spur of the moment transactions that change the essence of the village, what the village was developed on,” Tiedemann said.

He gave two examples of buildings that have been torn down, “The Gristmill was torn down sporadically as a fire hazard. The old mine kiln on Fourth Chute Road was taken down…people were stealing things from the property, so they decided to demolish it – it shouldn’t happen.”

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