Eganville boy loses $20 but doubles his money and fortune

Sarah Crookall
Staff Reporter

On a Monday evening, a strong wind carried the story of a lost $20 bill, which made its way to the greater Toronto area and resulted in a new bike for one Eganville boy.

Just after dinner on April 11, 9-year-old Kolton Okum and his 13-year-old brother Jayden Okum hopped on their bikes down Grist Mill Road up to John and Bridge streets heading to Village and Discount Variety store in Eganville.

On their way, Kolton discovered he had lost $20 – thinking he also lost his chance to buy something.

“I was going down a hill that was really steep to go to the store and then I think that’s when the money fell out. When I got to the bridge I stopped on the sidewalk and checked if I had it and it was gone,” said Jayden. “So, I was sad about that.”

Later in the evening, Kolton and Jayden retraced their steps to see if they would find the green bank note, but with no luck. The boys’ mom, Julia Okum, then took out a flashlight to aid in the search and still had no success.

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