Echoes of Erin group visits Killaloe

KILLALOE – The sweet and uplifting sounds of Irish music flowed from the gymnasium of Killaloe Public School on October 17.

A group of singers, dancers and musicians called Echoes of Erin were in town to promote Irish culture to the students of KPS, St. Andrew’s and St. Mary’s.

Musicians demonstrated their instruments to the kids before joining in for a half hour of song and dance.

The group was in town as part of the 2014 An Irish Gathering.

Killaloe-Hagarty-Richards Township Mayor Janice Visneskie Moore said she is so excited that the group decided to come to Killaloe as part of the tour.

“I think the kids need to see people from another country; their traditions, their musical instruments, their singing and dancing and customs. I think it’s so important that they get exposed to it,” she said. “Maybe one of them or a few of them will decide that’s something they want to do in their lives.”

Step dancers, including reining world champion Conor Walsh, performed as musicians played their instruments on stage.

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