Early accident marks logger’s career

BARRY’S BAY – Like many people in our area, you could say that Philip Kuiack was born into the logging industry. It was a career though, that was very nearly cut short.

Kuiack describes the day, back in the 1980s, much like any other. He was out in the bush felling trees with a chainsaw.

He is not exactly sure what happened.

“I had cut down a few trees,” Kuiack said, and he was going to top them with a chainsaw.

“I was topping the trees. I don’t know if there was a wind that day. One of the other trees uprooted and hit me in the back,” Kuiack said.

He was lucky that his colleagues were nearby.

“They were pretty quick at getting me out of there,” Kuiack said. He was flown out of the bush.

Under the circumstances, his injuries were not severe.

Kuiack said he suffered from a concussion. “My back was really sore for a while. There was nothing serious about it.”

It could have been much worse.

Kuiack tells the story of when things went tragically wrong for another logger.

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