Dog returns home after missing for 16 days

BARRY’S BAY – When Andy, a three-and-a-half year-old collie mix, strayed from his home in Barry’s Bay, his owners panicked.

Samantha Luloff, her husband Josh and their two boys, Jayce, 3, and Mason, 9 months, took to the back roads in search of their missing dog. Samantha said she knocked on countless doors and called all the area animal shelters. After coming up short, she took to social media websites, asking for the community’s support to help find the pup.

Hundreds of messages, dozens of prayers, and several days later, the family was slowly giving up hope.

“Despite many efforts in trying to find him, we couldn’t; we had no luck,” she said.

Jayce was just a newborn when Andy was added to the family more than three years ago. The two had essentially grown up together, so when Andy went missing, it took its toll on the toddler.

“Jayce would play outside and he would call for Andy every day, hoping that he would come home,” Samantha said.

Amazingly, on April 12, 16 days after Andy went missing, the dog showed up on the family’s doorstep. He was alive, but just barely. 

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