Difficult decisions lead to the selection of two new councillors appointed in BLR Township


Palmer Rapids – When two seats became vacant in BLR township, the remaining members of council had a tough decision to make. Seven candidates put forward their names and were interviewed at special council meeting held on March 16.

The names of those vying for the two available seats in ward two, which had once been occupied by Andrea Budarick and Trevor Lidtkie, included: Nicole Alessandro, Wayne Banks, Melody Budarick, Ronnie Budarick, Valerie Jahn, Shane Musclow, and Stephan Woyslaw.

At the special meeting, the candidates were interviewed in alphabetical order according to their last names. Prior to the meeting, candidates also had to answer written questions that had been supplied by council in advance. The candidates’ written answers were reviewed by council and included such things as the candidates’ vision for the township going forward, and what they would hope to accomplish in the remaining months of the term if they were appointed.

Councillors could ask for clarification on the written answers provided by those seeking to hold office, and all candidates also were asked oral questions that had not be provided in advance.

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