Difficult choices to be made by NAW residents

RANKIN CENTRE – “It is a difficult decision because there are so many [candidates] and some of them are new.” That’s what Muriel Verch said after the all candidates meeting for the township of North Algona Wilberforce (NAW) held on September 19 at the Rankin Recreation Centre. For the October 22 municipal election, there are four candidates for mayor: James Brose (currently councillor), Deborah Farr (incumbent), John Kuehl (former councillor) and Nora Shay. There are 12 candidates for the four council positions: Dale Benoit-Zohr, Melvin Berndt (incumbent), Clay Bingley, Douglas Buckwald (former councillor), Kevin Clarke (former councillor), Shawn Davidson, David Green, Dave Plumb (incumbent), Barry Proulx, Meenu Puri, Janet Reiche-Schonfeldt and Maria Robinson. Emcee, Ray Bonenberg said the all-candidates meeting was organized by a group of concerned citizens interested in democracy. Speaking after the meeting, organizer Margaret McLeod described the goal of the meeting. “We need good candidates in there and I think this meeting gave them the chance to make an opinion,” McLeod said. Bonenberg became involved after a call from McLeod last week. “I live here. I believe in dialogue,” Bonenberg said. I believe in awareness and understanding, it’s a good forum.” To read the full story, pick up a copy of the September 26, 2018 Gazette.