County warden demands apology from NAW mayor

LAKE DORE – “I did not shout across the county room in chambers at any member including Mayor Farr and that by making this false statement you maligned my reputation as an elected official and as a person that treats all people with respect in my interaction.”

Those were the words of Warden of Renfrew County and Mayor of the Township of Bonnechere Valley, Jennifer Murphy, at the May 16 North Algona Wilberforce (NAW) municipal meeting.

Among the 30 people in the gallery was Deputy Warden and Mayor of Killaloe-Hagarty-Richards Janice Visneskie-Moore, who said she was there to support the warden.

Three signs lined the approach to the municipal building, ‘No Accountability,’ ‘No Transparency,’ and ‘No Truth’. David Wirth said afterwards that he had put the signs along the road in his quest for more truth in local government and implicitly in support of Warden Murphy.

Murphy attended the meeting to ask Farr to retract a statement made at the May 2 NAW regular meeting during a report from the Bonnechere Union Public Library, jointly run by the two municipalities.

In thanking the library board members for reporting to NAW council on May 2, Farr was reported by the Eganville Leader to have said:

“I get a little embarrassed when I go to county council and I have Mayor Jennifer Murphy shouting at me across (the chamber) and saying, ‘you’ve go to know what’s going on at the library because you’re supposed to be there…”‘

At the May 16 NAW meeting, Murphy asked Farr to publicly apologize for her comments.

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